Dealflow understands that the success of any star up or SMB depends not only on the idea but more importantly the team and how they work together to execute goals and pivot along the way if needed. And for this reason we place emphasis not only on hiring the right people (for both talent and company culture “fit”) and off-boarding those that slow productivity but to also improve a team’s communication (written, speaking and listening).

Dealflow, in partnership with Interplay DNA, has developed a psychometric assessment and profiling tool that is the best technology and process on the market for predicting and building chemistry between individuals and teams. Strong team chemistry is a critical component of successful teams and the results are: shorter hiring cycles with lower cost, improved productivity and better employee retention.

To get the process started, at no cost to you, we invite you to take the InterplayDNA Personal Assessment to get some insight about how effective Talent Development can be. It takes about 10 minutes and we will email the confidential results to you. Use the code “Dealflow” when getting started.


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