Whether you have an idea, a minimum viable product or 1,000 customers and you want to take your company to the next level, Dealflow will set you up with strategy and a proven process to build a better business (crush it). 

Most client engagements involve a brand overhaul, product development, customer acquisition and raising money and equity participation. Here are some items we help with:

  • Legal and entity formation, all the documentation for partners/employees
  • Roadmap and product development and for better UX
  • Feasibility statement of the product and business model
  • Making projections and setting milestones needed to raise financing
  • Achieving the milestones through storytelling, operations and customer acquisition
  • Investor package of writing business plan (2 pages & projections) and pitch deck
  • Introductions to angel investors and seed VCs
  • Professionalizing the way you do business (lending adult supervision)


What is our client profile?

  • a founder with an idea and a checkbook
  • a couple engineers with a great idea who code well but are short on design and business experience,
  • a small team that has launched a product and has revenue but needs to scale,
  • businesses that know they need to upgrade their online image and do all the social media, or
  • companies that have been around along time and seek new revenue channels.

 Most are located right here between San Francisco and Silicon Valley or Boston. We also work with companies across the U.S. by means of site visits, regular team conference calls, Skyping, Dropbox and lots of time zone math. 


What do our clients want to accomplish? 

Here are milestones we commonly reach with clients: Assembling their Advisory group, building a prototype, acquiring first users, booking first revenue, finding a brand, rebranding, launching a new website, building a mobile app., booking revenue of $1m, building the scalable product, lowering customer acquisition cost, reaching profitability, acquiring new office space, completing their investor package, raising capital and don’t forget…creating community benefit.

Is Dealflow an accelerator?

The answer is mostly “yes” because we do jump-start your company often with the goal of funding, however 2 differences are that we do not have a campus or work with groups of entrepreneurs on a 6 month schedule. Our work is usually out of the building with 2-3 clients at a time here in SF, the balance is virtual.

So give us call and tell your story.  It’s likely we can help or refer you to someone who can.

p.s. – We do not sign NDAs. Our reputation is important to us and we are not going to steal your idea. And you should know that what makes a company great are the people and their ability to execute…along with some luck and timing.

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Paying respect to George Lucas, his educational foundation Edutopia and the SF startup lifestyle we live, we’d like to say thanks.

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