All the strategy or the best idea in the world won’t get you to the Winners Circle unless you execute the to-do list with enthusiasm and efficiency. Here is a list of items we address to educate business owners how to run a ship-shape operation: 

  • Developing a company roadmap – future plans for product and sales, milestones to reach, managing growth, reducing risk and if/when/how to raise money.
  • Finance – book keeping, Quickbooks, setting up credit card/gateway/merchant account, insurance needs, managing expenses, setting internal controls, strategic tax planning and preparing budgets, cash flows and projections.
  • Communications – goal setting, crafting the script for sales, setting up CRM and customer email services (like Salesforce Google Apps and Constant Contact) and lead generation.
  • Building a new website is a straightforward process with a CMS like WordPress and it is fall-out-of-bed easy to manage and update on your own. And it will have formidable SEO and social media power under the hood.
  • Groking the process of measuring and optimizing by providing an internal dashboard of critical business info so you have an understanding of how customers find you and which lead sources provide the highest retention rate or revenue.


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