Mindshare about how some nonprofits work astonishinly well is available…the key is knowing where to find it and being committed to following the advice and doing the work.

Dealflow provides a variety of nonprofit consulting services with our core  focus on 1) raising more money, 2) program refinement/design, 3) branding and communicating more effectively, and 3) strategy evaluation and recommendations.

We know that it is often difficult for nonprofits to think differently about their work, and this sometimes means thinking like a for-profit. That said, we know how to leverage the vision our clients have, incorporate our processes and realize durable and positive outcomes.

We see NPO development (fundraising) for what it truly is: a chance to tell a story, to ignite participation, and to connect people who offer their resources with the people and organizations affecting change. At the end of the story we tell for our clients, Dealflow hopes to show there is often as much opportunity for the donor as the nonprofit.

Knowing that budgets and resources are tight at many nonprofits, Dealflow spends significant time (at reduced rates) giving back to the 501 c-3s in our communities. Most engagements, in addition to the 3 broad topics above, include:

  • measuring current marketing results like website traffic, SEO, membership trending, click-thoughs, etc.
  • updating or building a new website (we love easy CMS like WordPRess and Joomla),
  • communicating the impact donors and supports can make when they are inspired,
  • implementing social media best practices (that drive PR, donations, membership and volunteers),
  • 360 degree, leadership/board evaluation and recommendations.

One last point we need to make about the Dealflow process with nonprofits, our clients need to understand from the get-go that to upgrade the impact of your cause to it’s constituents, you need to embrace the use of technology and proven marketing processes that are predominantly used in the for-profit sector. We know “marketing” is somewhat of a dirty word in the realm of NPOs but frankly it works. Trust us on this. 





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