So you want to grow your business? Then you have to acquire customers and one way to do this is to drive traffic to your website and engage people…enough so that they contact you or at least remember you. Another way is through your sales process.

How to distribute your brand and story (our view)

  • Sales management is the big one. Sales people have to be strong, like an athlete running with the ball. Revenue-ing is not a passive activity.
  • Spreading the word to distribute your brand to create inbound sales leads.
  • Social media seo, email, and social media awesomeness (for almost free).
  • Driving traffic and page views, high quality content engages people…’s nice and sticky.  
  • Partnership development – greatness by association.
  • Measurement and increase of: traffic, email opens, click throughs, page views, conversions to inquiry and 1/2 dozen other measurements of traction.


Customer acquisition = gathering users. We are good at this.

  • Use the great story
  • Include calls to action
  • Genuine empathy is very important in this process
  • Dress for success – image is important everywhere. See below.
  • Closing big deals sometimes comes down to who you know and who you don’t.
  • Price the product correctly, then under promise and over deliver.
  • Learn to write thank you notes


Great visuals sell products and ideas very, very well. Enough said.



Dealflow helps you crank sales and improve marketing ROI.

Find your customer acquisition sweetspot

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