This is a service that we do not call Marketing like many others. We’re first concerned with what your brand, design and story mean, down to the smallest detail, to your prospects and customers. Then the next step is distributing that message which happens more during the Customer Acquisition Piece.

Customer identification – step 1 is to figure out who your customer is and what motivates them. In short we want to know their needs and the problem they want fixed then we determine the best place for you to find them – which might be online search, a mobile app, opt-in SMS or through channel partners. 

Branding – there is much more to this than a new logo, it involves reshaping your image so that when the right people are introduced to your company, they are already inclined to like what you’re selling. It also involves the overall message you want people to know and how that makes them feel about your company.

Storytelling – ok, so here is the fun part. Once we have the previous elements together, we deliver a story about your company that engages people and appeals to their emotions. While our clients sometimes have the impression their widget sells mostly on the basis of functionality, we contend that a well told story has a huge impact on people’s purse strings and will significantly improve dealflow.

You tell us the good, the bad and the ugly and we’ll get the right folks interested in your brand.



When the loveable Coca-Cola branding is visible Coke crushes Pepsi.

-3Branding the old fashioned way – which we rarely do to our clients anymore….unless adult supervision is needed or they don’t listen the first time.


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