Dealflow’s work is grounded in the disciplines of vision, product development, branding, customer acquisition and getting big efficiently – while paying close attention to the Lean Startup concept of build, measure and learn along the way.


Startup Needs

Whether your company needs to decide on a business structure to incorporate and do the paperwork (correctly the 1st time) or refine your product or write the business plan to raise seed financing, Dealflow will set you up with proven processes to crush it.

Operational Help

All the strategy or the best idea in the world won’t get you to the Winners Circle unless you execute the operations “to-do” list with enthusiasm and efficiency. Dealflow assists in implementing an operations plan that will lead to high productivity with as little stress and risk as possible.


Branding and Storytelling

It’s more than just “marketing” your product.  If your company is going to last, your brand needs to be just as authentic for you as it is for your customer.  Brand messaging and product promotion must go hand-in-hand.  Once the story is in place, we are all about promoting your product ninja-style.

Customer Acquisition Piece

So you want to grow your business? Then you have to sell the sh*t out of your product to the right people through the right channels in a scalable way. We achieve this with proven sales management, social media and partner/channel development.


EdTech Consulting

So you’re trying to disrupt education? Find out if your EdTech solution will actually work with students & faculty and how to be the selected vendor. We vet  your product and make recommendations to improve it.


Non Profit Consulting

Why is it that some non profits are not good at getting their message out? It’s largely due to weak marketing and branding – which can be done effectively and sustainably.


Talent Development

Whether you’re looking for leadership development, team building or to hire talent, Dealflow and InterplayDNA provide bonafide tools to improve productivity through improved communication & team chemistry.



How Dealflow gets paid:

A typical client engagement is set up one of 2 ways: a flat monthly fee for usually 3-6 months ($6,000-30,000 per month) or an hourly arrangement ($75-250 per hour). We also take an equity stake of 5-15% based on the scope of work and Dealflow’s actual performance. This equity component ensures that our interests are transparent and in-line with yours. Pricing factors include: the selection of services you require, your charitable status, our equity participation, on-site vs. virtual interaction and ultimately the “fit” between Dealflow, you and your team.

We also like to make investments in some of our client companies. After all we do want to share in the upside and limelight when your company blows up or does something grand.

And in the case when seed VCs (or seed funds) refer clients to Dealfllow for nurturing and accelerating, they contribute a nominal cash contribution to sponsor (cover payment for) our services that many entrepreneurs cannot afford themselves. They also maintain a call option (right of right 1st refusal to invest) that also aligns their interests with Dealflow and our SMBs.

So if you have a short business plan, pitch deck or Youtube video pitch, we invite you to submit it for consideration along with a thoughtful email introduction. If the project has merit and we work together, we’ll do our darnedest to get you funding…again with interests aligned. Also required if you are submitting your company for funding (or are interested to be a Dealflow Partner) is completing this Team Performance Assessment. Use the word “Dealflow” when prompted.

Please note, we almost exclusively encourage submissions if your team is together and has already built something for us to look at. All the better if you have a product in place with users and revenue!




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