Welcome Launch.co startups

If you are one of the 70 presenting startups on stage this year, congrats you’re already a winner. We invite you to participate in this Startup Assessment below at no cost – and we will deliver back to you the individual and team results for your company.

If you are an investor interested in using this tool to evaluate the startups you see on stage, contact us and we will share these people analytics and team profiles with you at no cost.

And you DemoPit startups, if you would like to go through this process for your team, the cost is $30 per individual and $150 for the team profile. Examples of these are available at our booth – and they will impress you.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to  measure and predict your startup’s team communication and chemistry and how that translates into high performance…..raising $ or getting traction with your product.

The results will be used in 3 ways: 1) You and your team gets a copy for self improvement and insight, 2) Dealflow will use the info to determine which startups we would like to work with or invest in, 3) the investors at this year’s Launch Festival will use it as another metric in their evaluation process.

For the code, use “Launch 2013 & (your co. name)”

Enjoy….we’ll be in touch.

CA bear

launch.co Festival 2013



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