Q: Do you really want to know if your EdTech solution can impact student outcomes and shape the way the adults in school communities do their work? 

Q: Is it the case that your EdTech company has little or no real-world input from educators? We see this all the time and offer practical, hands-on and strategic advice for product development and placement.

EdTech has received huge amounts of venture capital over the past year. And insome cases as we have seen personally, 

Properly stewarding the improvement of the product is essential to success as is industry expertise.  However, recently it has been reported that this is often not the case with ed tech companies and therefore solutions are missing the mark with user interface, measuring outcomes and getting in front of decision makers. An expert in educational technology needs to be part of your team. We have this expertise on our team and in addition to our other branding services, we help measure your product’s effectiveness with students, parents, faculty and administration. Your product wil be better and you will understand how to effectively market and sell your product to all types of school.

Dealflow has a national network of educators and administrators that regularly test, vet and provide feedback on technology solutions for the classroom, the business manager and alumni/advancement office. We then assemble this input and report concrete suggestions to  

Feasibility commentary includes: product suggestions, understanding your customer, best practices, the brand of your school, communications and leadership.


If Technology Motivates Students, Let’s Use It!

Milton Chen | Edutopia.org


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