Start-up Traction

We’ve done this many times before and love the process of helping small businesses get to the next level. Whether you need help with product development, strategy, sales or operations, our team would like to hear your story. (Sounds cheesy, but true.) 




Huge congratulations to Jason Calacanis on this year’s huge success of the Launch festival here in SF in March.

Wondering how we did last year at this event with our client Copper? After being funded from Hattery Labs we went on to win the “Diamond in the Rough” award.


Driving Revenue

How do you distribute (sell) your product or service to as many people as possible in an awesome way? It begins with our examining and improving your company’s sales process and “dealflow.” We teach you to increase the volume of higher quality deals using spot-on messaging, proven sales processes, social media as well as networking and finding ideal partners.

Telling a Story

We know that telling a story is a great way to engage people: selling a product, building a community or promoting a cause. We focus on repackaging your story and delivering it to your audience in the most appropriate and meaningful way. It’s up to Dealflow to help you connect these dots and convert that message into customer love.



Yes we’re process driven and get results…and yes we’re measurement freaks and good story tellers….but what matters most to our team is:


1. How our work makes people feel


2. Creating positive social impact – helping those in our     various communities


3. Improving “dealflow”: making more money, more easily


4. Getting “real” traction (like $40-100k revenue/mo.) so     your startup can get funding on desirable terms